To celebrate Cartoon Network's Clone Wars animated micro-series, Topps released a 90-card set of action-packed trading cards, featuring scenes from the series, character bios, and reproductions of the comic book covers.

Chase cards for this set include Stickers, Battle Motion cards, Autograph Card Case Toppers, and Artist Sketch Cards by 14 different artists: Ben Caldwell, Dave Dorman, Davide Fabbri, Doug Wheatley, Genndy Tartakovsky, Joe Corroney, John McCrea, Kilian Plunkett, Paul Rudish, Pop Mhan, Rafael Kayanan, Robert Teranishi, Rudolfo Migliari, and Tomas Giorello.

Check our Jedi Archives entries for more details and photos (including cardbacks!).
90-Piece Trading Card Set

1 (Anakin Skywalker) 2 (Obi-Wan Kenobi) 3 (Mace Windu) 4 (Yoda) 5 (Kit Fisto)
6 (ARC Trooper) 7 (Durge) 8 (Asajj Ventress) 9 (Count Dooku) 10 (A Galaxy In Conflict)
11 (The Power Of Windu) 12 (Troops Of The Republic) 13 (Master And Padawan) 14 (A Most Gifted Student) 15 (The Chancellor's Decision)
16 (Onward To His Destiny) 17 (Of SKills And Maturity) 18 (Squadrons Launched) 19 (''ARC Troopers...Deply!'') 20 (Against A Droid Army)
21 (ARC Trooper Assault) 22 (Soldiers Under Siege) 23 (Attacking AN AAT) 24 (''Target Sighted!'') 25 (Troopers Take Over)
26 (Unfriendly Persuasion) 27 (The Mercenary Army) 28 (Taking On The Republic) 29 (A Sniper Strikes Back) 30 (Assault Vehicle Destroyed!)
31 (Durge Triumphant!) 32 (Crisis On Mon Calamari) 33 (Jedi Of The Sea) 34 (Slashed By Kit Fisto) 35 (Using The Force)
36 (Twin Terrors) 37 (Fisto's Final Strike) 38 (Arena Of Death) 39 (Count Dooku Welcomed) 40 (The New Combatant)
41 (Malice AGainst Metal) 42 (Monstrous Rampage) 43 (Battling Asajj Ventress) 44 (''I Am...Sith!'') 45 (Apprentice...Or Adversary?)
46 (The Power Of Dooku) 47 (The Trials Of Asajj) 48 (War Of The Sith) 49 (Asajj Vs. Dooku) 50 (Ventress Vanquished)
51 (Master Of Evil) 52 (Kenobi's Battle Plan) 53 (Skewering A Droid) 54 (obi-Wan's Charge) 55 (The Fatal Thrust?)
56 (Flame And The Fury) 57 (A Clash Of Titans) 58 (''We Are In Position'') 59 (ARC Forces Close In) 60 (A Droid Dispatched)
61 (The Face Of Defeat) 62 (The Return Of Durge) 63 (Durge The Unstoppable) 64 (Obi-Wan Engulfed) 65 (Victory At Last)
66 (Battle In Outer Space) 67 (Anakin's Bold Move) 68 (Space Raiders) 69 (''All Ships...Fire!'') 70 (Annihilating An Enemy)
71 (Collision Course) 72 (General Grievous) 73 (Episode III Clone Trooper) 74 (Dark Horse Gallery: The Defense Of Kamino) 75 (Dark Horse Gallery: Durge's Debut)
76 (Dark Horse Gallery: Deadly Duo) 77 (Dark Horse Gallery: Attack Of The Dark Jedi) 78 (Dark Horse Gallery: The Battle Of Jabiim) 79 (Dark Horse Gallery: Anakin Unleashed) 80 (Dark Horse Gallery: Padawans Fight Alone)
81 (Dark Horse Gallery: Troops Of The Republic) 82 (Dark Horse Gallery: Old Enemies, New Dangers) 83 (Dark Horse Gallery: Dark Side Rising) 84 (Dark Horse Gallery: Dark Jedi Triumphant) 85 (Dark Horse Gallery: Power Of The Dark Side)
86 (Dark Horse Gallery: The Phantom Menace) 87 (Dark Horse Gallery: In War And Peace) 88 (Dark Horse Gallery: An Epic Struggle) 89 (Dark Horse Gallery: Jedi Knights Forever) 90 (Checklist)

Promo Cards and Sketch Cards

P1, Begun the Clone Wars Have! P1, Begun the Clone Wars Have! P1, Begun the Clone Wars Have!

Battle Motion Cards

B2 (Mace Windu) B3 (Obi-Wan Kenobi) B5 (Clone Trooper)
B6 (Yoda) B8 (Count Dooku) B9 (Padmé Amidala)

Sticker Cards

1 of 10 (Anakin Skywalker) 2 of 10 (Obi-Wan Kenobi) 3 of 10 (ARC Trooper) 4 of 10 (Yoda) 5 of 10 (Mace Windu)
6 of 10 (Durge) 7 of 10 (Count Dooku) 8 of 10 (Asajj Ventress) 9 of 10 (C-3PO) 10 of 10 (R2-D2)
10 of 10 (R2-D2)

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