Power of the Jedi Tour 2001: San Diego International Comic-Con

Comic-Con: You have to see it to believe it.

Hasbro's Power of the Jedi Tour rolls on, with the second stop of the tour at the San Diego International Comic-Con. Their booth here at the Comic-Con reveals some exciting news in the form of "Deluxe" action figures. Based on popular scenes from the trilogy, this terrific new Deluxe line represents some of the best work Hasbro has offered to date, with a level of movie-accurate detailing that is second to none. Scheduled for release this fall, Luke with Bacta Tank, Leia with Sail Barge Cannon, and Amanaman (also known as Fan Choice Figure #2) are easily three of the most anticipated toys in this year's line. Each will come carded on an over-sized blister package and retail for approximately $10.00.

Comic-Con Toy News:

Luke with Bacta Tank
The first of these Deluxe figures to be released will be the Luke with Bacta Tank. This set will offer collectors a chance to recreate our hero's rehabilitation after narrowly escaping the Wampa's breakfast table. Featuring an all new sculpt complete with nasty scarring, standard articulation, and an awesome Bacta Tank accessory, this figure is hard to beat. The tank stands about 8.5" tall, is capable of holding the bacta liquid of your choice, and has an attachment for the forthcoming FX-7 medical droid (due sometime in 2002). Contrary to previous reports, we were informed by Hasbro the Bacta Tank does not actually light up. However, by way of a small tube at the top of the tank, fans will be able to provide a nifty "bubbling action" that will dispel through the mask attached to Luke's face. Notice too the computer console, first seen at this year's
Toy Fair but strangely absent from the recent Star Wars.com Bacta Tank "sneak peek". The console is indeed a part of this already very impressive package.

Update: To help create the illusion of the bacta healing fluid, the clear plastic cylinder seen below will actually be tinted a light red (just like in the movie). No need to resort to dunking Luke in Kool-Aid!

Leia with Sail Barge Cannon
"Get the gun! Point it at the deck!" This November fans will be able to recreate Luke and Leia's explosive escape from Jabba's luxury yacht with the Deluxe Princess Leia and Sail Barge Cannon set. The infamous "metal bikini" costume makes a triumphant return, now accented with rooted pigtail and cloth skirt. Leia also comes armed with her trademark force pike with chain. The facial sculpt on this figure is simply unbelievable as you can see - bettering even the original Leia as Jabba's Prisoner. The cannon itself pivots up and down on it's base, and features double firing barrels.

Update: On Friday Leia's weapon showed up and was added to the figure on display.

Amanaman with Salacious Crumb
Rounding out this year's deluxe assortment, we come to a figure that fans have been requesting since the start of the POTF2 line: Amanaman. For the first time in nearly fifteen years, this mysterious bounty hunter from the dark corners of Jabba's palace is ready to make his way into every fan's collection. Meticulously detailed from the original props and movie stills, this figure rivals anything on the market today. Amanaman will offer eight points of articulation, including wrists, legs, and a nice double jointed ball socket at the shoulders. Hasbro completes the package with the bounty hunter's staff, the gruesome and surprisingly detialed skeletal remains of one of his favorite victims, and a nice reissue of that rascally Salacious Crumb. The bounty hunter is also set to hit retail in November of this year.

12" Luke with Yoda
Finally comes the new 12" Luke with Yoda. Sporting his familiar Jedi training outfit and a snug backpack for his Master, Luke features a new facial sculpt and added articulation on each arm. Yoda offers incredibly realistic detail and standard articulation, and stands out as the first time this scale version has been given legs. This set will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores this August. Luke rounds out the new material here at the Hasbro booth that wasn't already shown at the
Shreveport show some weeks back.

Emperor's Wrath Darth Vader
First seen at Hasbro.com and then displayed at the Shreveport Sci-Fi Expo, some new details on this great figure have come to light (no pun intended). The helmet,as you can see, will be translucent with a black tint and will feature a bolt of blue lightning on the side - a nice detail that could be seen in the Hasbro.com picture. Inside the helmet, of course, will be a Anakin's glow-in-the-dark skull! The Vader here at Comic-Con (which is the same prototype from Shreveport) does not yet have the lightning bolt detailing - though we've been assured it will be implemented by the time this battle-damaged Sith Lord hits the shelves.

Emperor's Wrath Update
A new version of the Emperor's Wrath figure showed up Friday at the booth. The main difference was the carded ones shown in Shreveport and initially in San Diego did not have the cool blue lightning bolts on the helmet. This version has them. Very nicely done.