Phase III: Winners Declared

The Rebelscum Create-a-Card Contest has come to an exciting close. Leading the pack for mail-in votes was the very creative Card #1 by Brian Snook. Brian is the pround owner of the Hasbro Jedi Quest Hat. Card #2 by Munkin took second place. Munkin picks up the Muftak and Kabe Internet exclusive 2-pack. Kennith West and his Card #7 snags 3rd place and an official baseball hat. Congratulations to the winners.

We'd also like to thank all those who entered the contest - many top-notch entries were submitted and choosing eight for the voting public to decide on was no small chore. Now that this contest has wrapped up we thought you'd like to take a peek at the entire field of 90 entrants: click here.




Phase II: Voting (contest closed)

The Create-a-Card Contest has now entered its final phase. The Rebelscum judges have narrowed the field of 90 cards down to a final eight. We now leave it you the reader to determine what card you think is the best of the bunch. Below are the final contestants. To vote for your favorite card simply select a winner and email your choice to


In the subject line enter your choice by putting only the number of your choice. Either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 only goes in the subject line. I mention this because in the first hours of this, half the voters didn't seem to get this part right. Thanks.

One vote per person. Please do not campaign for votes. Voting will end Saturday, April 1 at midnight CST. After that we will tabulate the results and announce the winners right here on the morning of Monday, April 3rd.









Contest Rules (contest closed)

Toy Fair 2000 introduced us to not only a slew of new Star Wars toys, but all new packaging as well. Hasbro is angling to give the figure cards a fresh look, one with the integration of Episode 1 and Classic as a core design principle. Click here to see an example. Here is your chance to show us how the new cards should look! Simply design a new figure card and email your masterpiece to with "Card Contest" in the subject line.

 Vital contest info:

  • All entries due the evening of March 18th (midnight EST)
  • Enter as many designs as you wish
  • Include your name and return email address when submitting an entry

That's all there is to it! A panel of distinguished Rebelscum judges will narrow the field down to eight of the best looking cards which will then be placed into a Probe Droid Poll. The poll will allow the voting public to determine which is the best of the best. The top three designs will pickup the following prizes:

1st Place
Jedi Quest Hat
Not available in any store, about 35 of these hats were given away internally to Hasbro employees. All black hat with the Jedi Quest logo embroidered on the front and the Hasbro logo on the back.
2nd Place
Muftak and Kabe
Hasbro Internet exclusive 2-pack of cantina aliens.
3rd Place
Rebelscum Hat
You'll be the envy of your friends when they see you sporting this stylish black and blue embroidered hat. Rebelscum logo on the front, Internet address on the back.

Now fire up that image editor and get to it!