The Lili Ledy Star Wars action figure line from Mexico has some unique features that make them interesting for collectors all around the world. This article is meant to be read by collectors interested in mint on card action figures, as well as variations or non-USA action figures, but it will be surely be nice reading for every Star Wars fan.

Some years ago (actually decades) the first thing a kid wanted to do with his new Kenner action figures was rip them from the card and bubble. 20 years later a great number of collectors do amazing things to find those action figures on their original cards or boxes just as Indiana Jones hunts for rare treasures of unknown but surely high value.

Certainly is very difficult to find any action figure mint on card and in great condition but...When was the last time you saw a Lili Ledy "See-Threepio" mint on card? Never? Fifteen years ago? There are a great number of books and sites on the net where you can learn every detail about the Kenner Star Wars action figures but what about those old mexican Star Wars figures.