Steve Sansweet Confirms Celebration 3 : August 3, 2002
He confirmed that there would be a Celebration III, in 2005, but did not specify officially where it would be held.

Official Announcement : January 23, 2004
The biggest Star Wars party will be even bigger, will return to Indianapolis, and has been extended to four days. Star Wars Celebration III, the much-anticipated fan gathering, has been confirmed for the Indiana Convention Center, April 21 to April 24, 2005.

Official Logo Unveiled : April 7, 2004
The new logo for Star Wars Celebration III harks back to the patch that was originally designed for the cast and crew of The Empire Strikes Back. "Vader in Flames," as the design was called, was later modified and made available to members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club. As the emblem of Celebration III, the image speaks to the enduring nature of the Star Wars saga.

Celebration 3 Registration Begins : September 22, 2004
On Monday, Sept. 27, Star Wars fans officially can get their plans underway for Celebration III, the event that promises to be the most electrifying Star Wars extravaganza ever.

Star Wars Celebration III -- It's All About Fans! : October 21, 2004
Get your fan club into the heart of the action at Celebration III! In addition to applying for free exhibit space, fan groups and individuals can submit proposals for fan-sponsored events or exhibits. UPDATE : The December 9th application deadline has passed!

One Man Star Wars Trilogy at Celebration III : November 1, 2004
Charlie Ross, the creator and performer of "The One Man Star Wars Trilogy," is slated to bring his show to Star Wars Celebration III this coming April 21 - 24, 2005. The Canadian actor, who has performed around the globe, is scheduled to present five shows at the Indiana Convention Center over the course of the event.

Star Wars Collectors' Show at Celebration III : December 13, 2004
The collecting panels at Celebration III will start on Friday, April 22 and run through Sunday April 24, leaving Thursday April 21 free for scooping up those great Celebration III collectibles. The Whiteriver Ballroom in the Indiana Convention Center will be home for all the panels, and the place for collectors to go to meet others and swap stories (and maybe swap a collectible or two).

Star Wars Fans -- The Heartbeat of Celebration III : December 20, 2004
At the heart of Star Wars Celebration III, coming this April to Indianapolis, will be the huge Fan Fair Exhibit Hall featuring events and displays designed by Star Wars fans especially for the show. Local, regional, and web-based fan groups were given the opportunity to apply for free space in the hall, to be able to share their love of Star Wars with other fans from all over the world.

That's No Moon... It's a Diorama! : December 21, 2004
One of the great locations at Star Wars Celebration II was the Diorama Builders' room, a place where fans of all ages could go and get their hands dirty building their very own section of Mos Eisley spaceport. Frank D'Iorio, who organized the effort, worked with friends and sponsors to offer the projects free of charge for everyone, and builders could take home their section of the diorama when the show was over.

Star Wars Costumes -- Now Two Great Shows at Celebration III : December 22, 2004
Fans who enjoy creating and wearing Star Wars costumes -- and we know there are a few -- will have two opportunities to display their talent on stage at Celebration III. The tremendous response for the costume contest at Celebration II in 2002 proved that one show is not enough for all the Star Wars fans who make great costumes and want to show them off.

Join The Star Wars Party Of A Lifetime [] : December 30, 2004
Here's a cool ad from the latest issue of Wizard for Celebration III next year. As cool as 2004 has been for fans, 2005 promises to be even better! Save by pre-registering for a 4-day badge - plus get a free "3-in-1" Darth Vader topper! So join the celebration next is your destiny!

R2-D2 Builders Return to Celebration III : January 10, 2005
The R2-D2 Builders, the droid craftsmen who put on an exceptional display at Star Wars Celebration II in 2002, are coming back to the Indiana Convention Center, and this time they plan to bring an entire droid army. Not an army of battle droids necessarily, but of R2 units, "gonk droids," protocol droids, mouse droids . . . and the list goes on.

More Collecting Panels Added for Celebration III : January 17, 2005
Gus Lopez, coordinator for the Celebration III collecting panels, has been busy doing some collecting of his own -- gathering more experts who will share their knowledge of Star Wars treasures. Lopez has added new and interesting topics in addition to the first collecting panels announced for the show.

Big Screen Clone Wars at Celebration III : January 18, 2005
Fans of Cartoon Network's Emmy-award winning Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon series will enjoy an extra-special viewing treat at Celebration III this April --- the entire new season, Volume II (Chapters 21-25), will be shown on a big screen with quality sound and projection. What's more, members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club can enjoy private screenings, with the chance to win Clone Wars posters autographed by the creators.

Exclusive Action Figure Revealed: Darth Vader -- His Voice! -- At Celebration III : January 21, 2005
Attention Star Wars action figure fans, and fans of unique, exclusive collectibles: Darth Vader himself, or rather his voice, will be appearing at Star Wars Celebration III this April 21 to 24 when Hasbro and Lucasfilm unveil the new Darth Vader Celebration III action figure.

Celebration III: Autograph Guests Who Span the Saga : January 24, 2005
C2 Ventures, the company that brought 34 autograph guests to Star Wars Celebration II in 2002, will return for Celebration III. Ben Stevens and Philip Wise, partners in the company, hope to bring even more Star Wars personalities to the Indiana Convention Center this April 21-24, stars whose combined careers span all six films of the saga!

The Master Behind the Action: Nick Gillard at Star Wars Celebration III : January 25, 2005
Nick Gillard, swordmaster and stunt coordinator for Episodes I, II, and III, is set to appear at Star Wars Celebration III this April at the Indiana Convention Center.

Dave and Lou Elsey to Appear at Star Wars Celebration III : January 27, 2005
Fans looking forward to seeing an entire herd of Wookiees in Revenge of the Sith -- and who isn't? -- and fans of creature effects in general have a real treat in store at Star Wars Celebration III this April 21 -- 24. Dave Elsey, Episode III Creature Shop Creative Supervisor, and Lou Elsey, Creature Shop Fabrication Supervisor plan to make the trip to Indianapolis all the way from Sydney, Australia. They'll share the magic of film creature creation and makeup arts at shows planned throughout the weekend.

Celebration III Badges - Collectibles with a Punch : January 28, 2005
Every fan who attends Star Wars Celebration III this April 21-24, 2005 at the Indiana Convention Center will be required to wear an admission badge. Far from just a requirement, however, these admission badges are colorful, coveted collectibles unique to the show. Badges for attendees will feature iconic Star Wars characters, a different character for each day of the show plus a Darth Vader image for the 4-Day badge. The kids' badges* may be the most fun of all, with Clone Wars cartoon images that correspond to the characters on the adult badges.

Celebration III Pop Culture and Fan Film Rooms : February 10th, 2005
Those wanting to sit and relax for a bit should be sure to spend time in the Star Wars Fan Film and Star Wars in Pop Culture rooms. Both are perfect places for fans to rest their feet, and be entertained while they do. Footage in the Pop Culture and Star Wars Fan Film rooms runs from show opening each day until late, so there should be time to squeeze in some viewings, even given all there is to do at Celebration III.

Guide to Fan Club Fun at Celebration III : February 11, 2005
If you're a member of the Official Star Wars Fan Club you can look forward to unique benefits at Celebration III, the Star Wars party of a lifetime, coming to the Indiana Convention Center April 21 - 24, 2005. Make sure you get what's coming to you! Here's a checklist:

Star Wars Saga Films at CIII : February 22, 2005
The common memory that all Star Wars fans share, that is central to almost everyone's fan experience, is watching the films of the saga on the big screen.

Star Wars Bad Boys to Autograph at Celebration III : February 23, 2005
Actors who portrayed our favorite Star Wars baddies of all time are headed to Celebration III this April to meet with fans and sign in the Autograph Hall at the Indiana Convention Center. These are just the first of a long list of autograph guests to be announced soon, coming to Celebration III with Official Pix, the Star Wars autograph provider for the event.

More Autograph Stars in the Celebration Sky! : February 24, 2005
The list of autograph stars coming to Star Wars Celebration III April 21 - 24, 2005 continues to grow, with more stars to be announced soon. Come meet the actors behind your favorite characters in the Autograph Hall, brought to the show by Official Pix, the Star Wars autograph provider for Celebration III.

Jay Laga'aia: Celebrity Host for Celebration III : February 25, 2005
Stage and screen star Jay Laga'aia will command the Sagamore Ballroom stage as Celebrity Host for Star Wars Celebration III this April 21 -- 24 in Indianapolis. From Thursday afternoon through Sunday, Laga'aia will welcome stars from the casts and crews of the Star Wars film saga, as well as entertain audiences with his quick wit and -- you never know when the mood will strike him -- his spectacular singing voice.

Warwick Davis - Master of Ceremonies on the Celebration Saga Stage! : February 28th, 2005
Actor Warwick Davis is headed to Indianapolis, and will preside as Master of Ceremonies on the Saga Stage at the Indiana Convention Center April 21 - 24. Always a favorite with audiences, Davis will interview guests, host question and answer sessions, chat with fans, and share insights into his own extensive film and stage experience. In addition to presiding over the Saga Stage, Davis also will host special guests in the 500 Ballroom.

Talent Behind the Sith: Behind-the-Scenes Stars Join Celebration III Guest List : March 1, 2005
The magic of the Star Wars is created by a tremendous cast of talent, not all of whom can be seen on the screen. Fans attending Star Wars Celebration III April 21 -- 24 at the Indiana Convention Center can look forward to hearing from some of the leading individuals who have helped create the rich visual palette of the saga. Look for these gifted stars on different stages over the course of the weekend. They'll be sharing insights into their roles in making Episode III Revenge of the Sith, as well as answering questions from the audience. Come prepared! It's rare to have so many masters of their craft in one place over one weekend.

Star Wars Fan Club Members -- Have Breakfast With the Hosts of Celebration III! : March 2, 2005
Members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club and their guests are invited to meet the celebrity hosts of Star Wars Celebration III on Friday, April 22 and Sunday, April 24 at the Fan Club Lounge in the Indiana Convention Center. Fans who register for the breakfasts will enjoy exclusive opportunities to greet the hosts and receive their autographs. As an added bonus, guests also will receive one of the Celebration III talking Darth Vader action figures.

Star Wars: Musical Edition on Stage at Celebration III : March 04, 2005
Singing droids, tap-dancing stormtroopers, scene-stealing Wookiees, the Imperial March burlesque . . . the Star Wars: Musical Edition at Celebration III will be like a little bit of Broadway got mixed up with the galaxy far, far away, then traveled to the Saga Stage at the Indiana Convention Center.

The Voice of Grievous at Celebration III : March 07, 2005
More Autograph Stars Announced
Matthew Wood, the talent who created the voice for General Grievous for Episode III Revenge of the Sith, will be appearing at Star Wars Celebration III next month. In the midst of his responsibilities as Supervising Sound Editor for the film, Wood found his voice -- or rather helped the nefarious droid general find his voice.

Celebration at Celebration III -- Star Wars Party Saturday Night! : March 08, 2005
The Mighty Jabba Commands You to Register Now...
Celebration III looks to be the Star Wars party of a lifetime, and the Celebration at Celebration III will be the evening that helps make the weekend unforgettable. Set for Saturday night, April 23, from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. in Hall B, the Celebration at Celebration III will bring Star Wars fans together from all over the world for a night of revelry and fun.

Wookiees at Celebration III, Plus More Autograph Stars! : March 09, 2005
Peter Mayhew, the actor behind the mighty Chewbacca, is headed to Star Wars Celebration III this April 21 -- 24. Not only did Mayhew create our favorite Wookiee hero onscreen for A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, he returned to the set for Revenge of the Sith. Like the character of Chewbacca himself, Mayhew has been a favorite with the Star Wars fan community through the years.

Celebration Celebrity No Shows : March 10, 2005
The following is from the Official Pix website. ( )
As of 3/10/05, the following headline guests that we regularly work with can not attend due to schedule conflicts: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, James Earl Jones, Samuel L Jackson, and Christopher Lee. If their schedules open, rest assured we will do everything we can to get them to the show! Right now we are at an unprecedented 39 guests, and will top 40 by the end of the week. We hope all STAR WARS fans will have an opportunity to visit Celebration III and meet this incredible lineup!

Jake Lloyd at Celebration III : March 11, 2005
Jake Lloyd, the actor who portrayed young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, will be appearing on stage at Star Wars Celebration III this April 21 -- 24. Fans can hear exclusive interviews with Lloyd, and will have the opportunity to ask him about his experience playing the gifted young man who would one day become Darth Vader.

Celebration III Chat: Mary Franklin : March 15, 2005
The biggest Star Wars party you'll ever attend is almost here and there are a number of perks in the works for Hyperspace members! To get ready for Celebration III, Hyperspace members have been given a rare opportunity to chat with the talented woman organizing the shindig -- Lucasfilm Fan Event Specialist Mary Franklin.

Rick McCallum at Celebration III! : March 16, 2005
Rick McCallum, Producer of Episode III Revenge of the Sith, will attend Star Wars Celebration III this April in Indianapolis. McCallum will appear on stage for interviews and question and answer sessions with the audience, and also plans to share a special surprise, just for the fans at Celebration.

More Collecting Panels for Celebration III, Plus Exclusive Trading Cards! : March 17, 2005
The collecting circle is now complete. Gus Lopez has brought together experts from all over the world to share their extensive knowledge of Star Wars collecting with fans at Celebration III. Whether you are a Star Wars collecting fanatic, or are fascinated by the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars, you'll find entertaining and informative panels in this lineup.

LEGO Star Wars Celebration III Competition : March 18, 2005
There's a serious competition brewing between Sith and Jedi and it's happening in the LEGO booth at Star Wars Celebration III. It's the first-ever tournament style LEGO Star Destroyer building contest.

Billy Dee Williams Headed to Celebration III : March 18, 2005
Billy Dee Williams, the actor who portrayed our favorite smooth scoundrel Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars trilogy, is set to appear at Star Wars Celebration III. Williams will charm audiences not only from the stage, but also in the Autograph Hall, where he will be greeting fans and signing autographs.

Temuera Morrison at Celebration III : March 21, 2005
Temuera Morrison, the actor who portrayed Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones and Commander Cody in the coming Revenge of the Sith will be attending Star Wars Celebration III this April in Indianapolis. The actor will be meeting fans and signing autographs. In addition to his time in the Celebration III Autograph Hall, Morrison will appear on stage to share stories of his career, including filming the prequels, and to answer audience questions.

Celebration III Art Show -- Exclusive, Beautiful Star Wars Art to Buy and View : March 22, 2005
Art fans at Celebration III will have the opportunity to purchase such memorable artwork from noted Star Wars artists, created exclusively for the event. Artists in the Celebration III Art Show will offer a very limited number of high-quality reproductions of one piece that they created with Star Wars fans in mind. Many of the artists at the show will also be available to create custom, one-of-a-kind works for fans by request.

Star Wars in 30 Minutes to Return to Celebration III : March 25, 2005
The show that entertained thousands at Celebration II in 2002 is returning this April to the Indiana Convention Center. The cast and crew of Star Wars in 30 Minutes, the amazing romp through the entire original trilogy in 30 . . . yes that's 30 . . . minutes will be back for shows scheduled every day of Celebration III.

Returning Hosts Complete Celebration III MC Lineup : March 28, 2005
Tom Berg and Doug Steves, both veterans of Star Wars Celebration II stages, are returning to again take the reins as masters of ceremonies for Celebration III.

2005 Finalists! Vote in the Star Wars Fan Film Awards : March 29, 2005
Lucasfilm and AtomFilms today announced the sixteen finalists in the 4th Annual Star Wars Fan Film Awards. All sixteen of these outstanding films, chosen from a field of hundreds of entries, are now available for online viewing at AtomFilm's official site.

Celebration at Celebration III -- Entertainment Saturday Night! : March 29, 2005
Celebration III will no doubt be the Star Wars party of a lifetime, and the Celebration at Celebration III will be the evening that helps make the weekend unforgettable. Set for Saturday night, from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. in Hall B, the event will bring Star Wars fans together from all over the world for a night of revelry and fun.

ILM Visual Effects Wizards at Celebration III : March 30, 2005
The masters behind the visual magic of Revenge of the Sith will be attending Star Wars Celebration III. John Knoll and Roger Guyett, both Visual Effects Supervisors at Industrial Light & Magic, and for Episode III, will share some of their secrets of production. Each will take time on stage to show some of their own images from behind the scenes, and to answer questions from the audience.

Jedi Training Academy Back for Celebration III! : March 31, 2005
Hopeful young Padawans, get ready to learn lightsaber techniques from a Jedi Master at Star Wars Celebration III. The Jedi Training Academy stage will be your training location in the Fan Fair Hall every day of the show, with sessions scheduled on the hour most hours of the day.

Revenge Magic-Makers at Celebration III : April 01, 2005
Behind-the-scenes stars of the ILM model shop are slated to appear at Star Wars Celebration III, to share insights into the talent, creativity, and fun that go into turning the films from concept to film reality. Fans can look for Lorne Peterson and Danny Wagner to join Don Bies in representing the long-standing shop that has been a backbone of the Star Wars creative process. Come prepared with questions -- their combined body of knowledge and experience is inspiring, and a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of Star Wars films.

Celebration III Creative Force : April 04, 2005
Three more members of the JAK Films Art Department will be joining Concept Design Supervisor Erik Tiemens at Star Wars Celebration III April 21 -- 24. These creative forces have had a tremendous influence on the worlds and characters of the Star Wars prequels.

Star Wars Kids' Room at Celebration III : April 05, 2005
Friday through Sunday the Star Wars Kids' Room in Room 102 will be the place for families to go to spend some quality time enjoying Star Wars craft projects, coloring, and story sessions, plus classes on everything from droid building to origami to drawing Star Wars characters

George Lucas to Attend Celebration III! : April 05, 2005
Star Wars creator/writer/director George Lucas will make an extraordinary guest appearance at Celebration III. His appearance at the Indiana Convention Center during the huge Star Wars fan festival will mark the first time that Lucas has attended a fan convention since the gathering that marked the 10-year anniversary of A New Hope in 1987.

Celebration III Shopping Spree! : April 6, 2005
Get ready to scoop up some great collectibles created especially for Star Wars Celebration III. More than 40 items will be available, from T-shirts for men, women, and kids to baseball hats, posters to commemorative pins, lanyards to cool bottle openers to folding camp chairs, and everything in between. Click here for a PDF file detailing the items that will be available.

Lucasfilm Archive Exhibit at Celebration III : April 7, 2005
As the Shroud of the Dark Side Falls...A New Hope Dawns
The Lucasfilm Archive exhibit, scheduled to run throughout Star Wars Celebration III, will celebrate the spirit of hope that endures even after the galaxy plunges into darkness during the events of Revenge of the Sith. Fans should make time to explore the archives on display in Wabash One, to peruse the exceptional pieces, many of them rarely seen on exhibit. at Celebration III is a Must-See : April 7, 2005
With all the excitement surrounding the booth at Celebration III, fans should make it a repeat destination to come back to again and again throughout the weekend. In addition to various free giveaways, fans can look forward to meeting many of the artists, writers, and designers involved with several recent Star Wars projects.

Celebration III Tattoo Art Show : April 08, 2005
Ink artists have known it for years -- there's a lot of amazing Star Wars tattoo art out there. Shane Turgeon, a tattoo aficionado and Star Wars fan, has gathered a most impressive collection of Star Wars tattoo art that will displayed throughout the weekend at Star Wars Celebration III in the Fan Fair Exhibit Hall in the Indiana Convention Center.
Not only will the art be on display, but there will be a live Tattoo Show and Competition scheduled for Sunday, April 24. If you have a Star Wars tattoo that you're proud of, and it's in a place that we agree you can show to the rest of the world, stop by Turgeon's tattoo display area in the Fan Fair Hall and sign up for the show!

A Celebration of Talent -- the Star Wars Art Show at CIII : April 11, 2005
The Star Wars universe is a visually dazzling place, with characters, planets, and amazing creatures that lend themselves to memorable artwork.
Art fans will have the opportunity to purchase such memorable pieces from noted Star Wars artists -- artwork created exclusively for Celebration III, and available in very limited quantities. Many of the artists at the show will also be available to create custom, one-of-a-kind works for fans by request.

Hayden Christensen Live from Italy : April 12, 2005
Hayden Christensen, the actor who makes the tortured and moving transformation from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader in the upcoming Revenge of the Sith, will greet fans at Celebration III, and answer their questions live from his current filming location in Rome, Italy.

George Lucas' Schedule at Celebration III Saturday, April 23 : April 13, 2005
Star Wars creator/writer/director George Lucas, who will be making a rare convention appearance at Star Wars Celebration III, will answer fans' questions at three sessions on Saturday, April 23 at the Indiana Convention Center.
Lucas will start early on Saturday, with the first of three half-hour sessions starting at 8:45 a.m. He'll answer questions about creating the Star Wars saga, in particular his experiences making Revenge of the Sith. Rick McCallum, producer of the Star Wars prequels, will join Lucas on the Sagamore Ballroom stage with host Jay Laga'aia. Audience members will have a chance to ask their own questions.