January 13, 2021

Q. Why do UK orders need to be at least $180.00 plus shipping

A. I was notified January 12, via my account with Endicia, who supplies my postage system, that effective Jan 1 there are new seller VAT collection requirements for sales to customers in the UK.

Specifically, I must now collect 20% of the purchase price on orders under 135 pounds, and I now need to prepare and send a proforma invoice that specifies cost, VAT and shipping on each order, and of course I have to set up for and pay the funds to the HMRC quarterly

As it turns out, this is so difficult to manage, I won't be able to take orders under $180.

As always, for inexpensive items, it's better to include them with a larger, more expensive item. This generally means it will ship with very little additional cost.

If an order should happen to be allowed under $180, I'll contact you, and offer to cancel it or add additional items to it.

If you have any questions, please email me philip@rebelscum.com