DISNEY WORLD PASSHOLDER MAGICBAND & ACCESSORIES Disney World Passholder MagicBand & Accessories 2014

In 2013, Disney changed the way that guests enter their parks from the old turnstiles that required a ticket to be passed through a scanner to a hard card that you could simply swipe to scan. Now, guests can use special MagicBands that allow a quick swipe and fingerprint scan to allow access. With the My Disney Experience mobile app, you can link the MagicBand to an online account and pre-register for fast passes to attractions within the parks. Passholders were given a choice of several different colors and sent a specially packaged MagicBand kit customized with their name up to eight characters long and a Parking/Discount card. Of course, the fun doesn't stop there. No, Disney is offering hundreds of different options for customizing the MagicBand from CoverBands to MagicSliders to MagicBandits. We are most interested in the cool Star Wars offerings which are detailed below.

Passholder MagicBand Kit


MagicSliders R2-D2 Window Slider

Price: $12.95
UPC: 4 00008 13908 3

MagicBandits Star Wars Rebels MagicBandits

Price: $8.95
UPC: 4 00008 13913 7

MagicBandits Star Wars Dark Side MagicBandits

Price: $8.95
UPC: 4 00008 13914 4

CoverBands Star Wars Cover Band 3-Pack (Small & Large)

Price: $15.95
UPC: 4 00007 96246 0 (Small) / 4 00007 96241 5 (Large)
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Disney
Year: 2014
Original Retail Price: $675.21 (Regular Annual Pass) or $516.53 (Florida Resident Annual Pass)
Points Of Interest
  • During the first year, MagicBands were available in red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange & grey
  • MagicBands are adjustable and can be scaled down to fit a child's wrist, so they are really one-size-fits-all
  • Passholders received a special 2014 Passholder slider that came with the MagicBand kit
  • Passholders had to login to their online accounts and select a color for their MagicBand and choose what they wanted to have printed on the back side (up to eight characters)
  • There are hundreds of MagicBandits, MagicSliders and CoverBands to choose from across all of the various Disney theme parks, but to date, these are the only Star Wars accessories available for the MagicBand
  • Disney hotel guests are also given the MagicBand experience and can choose what color they wish to wear during their visit. Unlike Passholders, Disney hotel guests can actually link their MagicBand to the credit card on file for their room allowing them to make purchases with it. This option hasn't been given to Passholders as of April, 2014

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