Revenge of the Sith

Year: 2007

Assortment: 3" Vehicles

Retail: $5.99

Date Stamp: 2005


  • Display Stand
  • Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
    Function: Attack Cruiser
    Flight Modes: Space & Atmosphere
    Size: 1,137 Meters Long
    Weapons: Turbolasers, Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes
    Designer: Lira Blissex
    Comments: Even as Emperor Palpatine consolidates his power through the destruction of the last few Jedi and the annihilation of the final Separatist planets, this second generation of Venator-class cruisers rolls off the assembly line. Now referred to as "Star Destroyers" by the new Imperial Navy, the arrowhead profile that once represented security and safety to citizens of the Republic quickly comes to represent the murderous oppression and iron-fisted rule of the fledgling Empire.

    Points of Interest:
  • Imperial Attack Cruiser is a repaint of the Republic Attack Cruiser.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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