Obi-Wan Kenobi's

(Revenge of the Sith)

Year: 2006

Assortment: 3" Vehicles

Retail: $4.99

Date Stamp: 2005


  • Fold-Out Wings
  • Opening Cockpit
  • Landing Gear
  • Display Stand
  • Company: Kuat Systems Engineering
    A.K.A.: Actis Interceptor
    Weapons: Twin Laser Cannons, Two Ion Cannons
    Top Speed: 12,000 KPH
    Affiliation: Jedi ORder
    Crew: Pilot and Astromech Droid
    Comments: Obi-Wan’s Starfighter adheres to his Force-assisted abilities and is constructed without heavy flight instruments, sensors and shields – all features that may impede his judgment during battle. After escaping a fierce firefight during the battle of Coruscant, Obi-Wan pilots his new Starfighter to the Utapau system in hopes of tracking down General Grievous.

    Points of Interest:
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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