(The Phantom Menace)

Year: 2006

Assortment: 3" Vehicles

Retail: $4.99

Date Stamp: 2006


  • Fold-Down Landing Gear
  • Rotating Radar Dish
  • Pop-Out Engines
  • Display Stand
  • Company: Corellian Engineering Corporation
    Type: Consular Class Cruiser
    Size: 115 Meters Long
    Function: Transportation Vessel
    Weapons: None
    Affiliation: Galactic Republic
    Comments: These cruisers are often dispatched to transport members of the Galactic Senate and Jedi order throughout the galaxy. Their unique three-engine propulsion design makes them easily recognizable by the secretive Trade Federation.

    Points of Interest:
  • Chronologically speaking, the Republic Cruiser was the first spaceship seen in the Star Wars films.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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