LUKE SKYWALKER (X-Wing Fighter Pilot)

  (Star Wars)

Date Stamp: 1978

Carded Availability:
  Star Wars
  The Empire Strikes Back
  Return of the Jedi
  The Power of the Force

Assortment No. : 39060

Retail: $1.99

Weapons and Accessories: 

  • Smuggler Blaster

  • Point of Interest: 
      This figure first appeared on the Star Wars 20 back card.

    Comments: Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot was the first official costume-changed character figure. In a way, this figure, which made its debut in the second assortment of figures, was the push that propelled the small metaphoric snowball down the frosty slope thus creating the monolithic orb on which we blissfully play that is Star Wars action figure collecting.

    Major Variations: Though all vintage figures have minor variations, Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot has no major variations.

    Text & Photography by D. Martin Myatt.

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