(Mark Hamill Signature Edition)

Source: The Empire Strikes Back
Year: 2011
Assortment: Prop Replicas
Retail: $579
Limited Edition: 250
(Celebration V Exclusive)
Item Number: 01111012
• eFX Stickers
• Display Stand
• Numbered Plaque
• Metal Plaque Stand
• Certificate of Authenticity
• Fiberglass Construction
• Fully Lined Interior
• Acrylic Visor
• Microphone

Points of Interest:
• While this was meant to be a Celebration V Exclusive for 2010, production issues caused the release date to be pushed back to November of 2011.

• Collectors were given the option to have Mark Hamill sign their plaque at Celebration V in person or they could simply put their deposit down and wait until the helmets were ready to ship.

• This is the first officially licensed movie accurate X-Wing helmet prop to be made.

• There are currently two other X-Wing helmets in production Luke Skywalker Episode IV & Wedge Antilles Episode IV

• Review & Photography by Chris Wyman. Read the full review here.

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