FINN (JAKKU) Finn (Jakku) 18-Inch Figure From JAKKS Pacific 18-Inch Figure

In October 2015, MTV News scooped an exclusive to announce the second wave of JAKKS Pacific's BIG FIGS 18" Scale figures, which comprised Finn (Jakku), First Order Snowtrooper and two versions of the First Order TIE Fighter Pilot, the standard TIE Pilot and the Elite TIE Pilot with red stripes down the helmet.

The wave began hitting stores in late November, early December 2015 just in time for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Product Packaging

Product Information
Manufacturer: JAKKS Pacific
Year: 2015
Original Retail: $19.99
Placement Number: 90828
UPC Number: 0 39897 90828 1

What's In The Box?
  • Finn (Jakku) 18-Inch Figure
  • Blaster

Photography, Text & Page Built by Adam Lamping

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