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Confession time Rebelscum! A little while ago we teased the Force FX Elite Leia Organa saber when we did our Choose Your Destiny box overview. Well, as it turns out, that review didn't meet our video quality standards due to issues with Bobby's microphone during filming, and normally we would've just re-recorded it. However due to a variety of circumstances, re-recording just wasn't an option in this case. We apologize for the poor sound quality on this video, but felt we needed to release it since we had previously teased the review. So to make up for it, we'll give you a bonus TVC Yoda review. You're welcome?

Black Series Force FX Elite Leia Organa Lightsaber Review (Sound Issues Edition)
Check out our review of the new Black Series Force FX Elite Leia Organa lightsaber. Hasbro was nice enough to send us this saber to review as part of the Choose Your Destiny box. The detailing, design, and finish on this saber are just superb. We always appreciate it when a second emitter is included when the top is too narrow to accommodate the lightsaber blade. This saber features clash and deflection effects.

How would you like to see Leia's lightsaber further incorporated into canon? Let us know in the forums!

The Vintage Collection Yoda Action Figure Review
Check out Bobby's review of the Vintage Collection Yoda figure. This figure has been released a few different times, and we had hoped that some articulation issues would've been solved, but that appears to not be the case. This is still a great figure if you haven't picked him up before. We're still reeling from the hideous elbow joints on the Luke figure that was included alongside this Yoda in the Case of Evil 3 pack.

The figure stands in this video come from Entertainment Earth, and are available in a variety of colors. You can find them here!

View Yoda in 360 you will!

What do you guys think? Did this figure deserve to be released again, or should it have been a new sculpt? Let us know in the forums!

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