(Dirty deco)

(Revenge of the Sith)

Year: 2006

Assortment: 3" Vehicles

Retail: $4.99

Date Stamp: 2005


  • Rotating Turrets
  • Display Stand
  • Manufacturer: Uulshos Manufacturing
    Role: Light attack vehicle
    Model: infantry support platform
    Crew: Two troopers
    Weapons: Twin blaster cannons
    Affiliation: Galactic Republic
    Comments: The light, antigravity repulsorlift ISP Speeder is used by Clone Troopers to bolster the wookiees' defensive forces. This highly maneuverable attack vehicle is effective against enemy infantry, gunships and tank droids.

    Points of Interest:
  • This Swamp Speeder differs from the 2005 Swamp Speeder by having a green color scheme, painted on "dirt" and the troopers colors are now more accurate.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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