Rebelscum's 2001 Costume Contest!

Welcome to Rebelscum's 2001 Halloween Costume Contest! Here we've posted your Halloween costume creations for all to view, and give away some great prizes to the cream of the crop. Be sure to check out last year's Costume Contest page for even more fantastic costumes...
Adult Category Prizes Children Category Prizes
1- Hasbro POTJ Convention Pin Set
1- LEGO Landspeeder set
2- Ultarama Action Figure Display 2- LEGO Speederbikes set
3- Hat  
Rules: Starting on Moday October 15th we will begin accepting and posting costume picture entries here on this page. We will continue to accept picture entries until November 5th. Then sometime in the week following we will announce our winners! All costumes must be Star Wars themed and in good taste. To enter your costume in this year's contest please email your photos to . All entries must be in JPG file format. Thanks and good luck!

Here are this year's winnners!

1st Place
Shea Foley

2nd Place
Kiefer Bohach

3rd Place
Eric & Mike

1st Place
"Baby Yoda"

2nd Place

Below are all of this years entries. Check them all out!

Tony Colucci as Weequay

Lydia as Queen Amidala

Larry & Greg as Darth Maul & Obi Wan

Glenn Cruz as Boba Fett

Adam Bauer as Darth Maul

Graeme Ring as Boba Fett

Dennis Lambert & Nephew as Qui Gon & Obi Wan

Drew as X-wing Luke & Qui Gon

J. Scheuer as a Jedi Knight

Briar Bohach as Mini - Troopers

Kiefer Bohach as a female Stormtrooper

Richard Valenzuela as a Jedi Knight

Rob Schneider's son as Jedi Baby

Ryan Shaw & brother as Jawas

George Eckert as Obi Wan

Brent McCracken as Obi-Wan BRENTobi

Amy Swart & Rico Belluomini as The Emperor & Darth Maul

Bill Randall as Jedi Knight

Wayne Highland as Obi-Wayne

Abel Pinedo as "Maul Security"

Spencer Brown as Jedi Knight

Cassy Reyes as Sabe & Amidala

Tracy Charlton as Jango Fett

Shea Foley as Boba Fett Action Figure

Paul as R2-D2

Joey as a Jawa

Rob & Zoe As Queen Amidala & Obi Wan

Geoff Richards as Jedi Knight

Darren Wright as Stormtrooper

Kevin Roberts as Darth Vader

Thomas G. Atkinson as Xix Crandor, Trymaxian Jedi Knight

Harry Portman as Quinlan Vos, Jedi Knight

Sheila as one of the Tonikka Twins

Eric and Mike as Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan

Eric as a Clone Trooper from Episode 2

"Spat" & his friend Rob as Snowtrooper and his Mini Snowtrooper

The Brooks Family as Darth Vader, Yoda & Endor Leia

Christian as Chewbacca

Dan Wendt as Boba Fett

Zoe as Ewok Warrior

Patrick, Donna, and Devlin as Jedi Knights

David Jackson as Boba Fett

Mike Bivins as Stormtrooper