Posted by Curto on September 20, 2006 at 10:26 AM CST
LEGO Star Wars II was released last week, and if you purchased your copy of the game at Electornics Boutique, you were given a pack of exclusive Topps traidng cards. There are 16 cards in the set (15 normal cards, and one 'title' card) that show you some suggested ways to build, battle and kick some brick!

While we don't (yet) have a complete set to showcase, here's a list of what the cards are that make up the set:

0- Title/Cover card
1- "Leia C-Solo" (not shown)
2- "Boba Skysolo"
3- "Chewbacca w/Stormtrooper Helmet" (not shown)
4- "Darth Princess Skywalker" (not shown)
5- "Darth Solo"
6- "Grand Moff Yoda"
7- "Greedo Solo"
8- "Han-3PO"
9- "Leia Sky Fett"
10- "Palpatine Slave Trooper"
11- "Princess Darth Solo"
12- "Princess Storm Solo" (not shown)
13- "Princess Trooper"
14- "Storm-3PO"
15- "Tusken Yoda" (not shown)

Thanks to John Ling for the cards!
UPDATE: Thanks to Anthony Goldston for the names of the missing cards.
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