Posted by Dustin on March 30, 2020 at 07:54 PM CST
Either you’re a mint on card collector or a loose action figure collector GonkToys has a proper solution to fit your display needs in a very affordable way!

With acrylic cases that come in 3 sizes for your 9x6 card backs with blister appropriate sizing makes our collections look more elegant and unique to the eye.

Loose action figure collectors have the opportunity to display figures on a 4 tier Riser display stand! This stand is an amazing option for collectors to display their loose collection in many ways! One of the most common and luxurious ways to display is inside an IKEA DETOLF which they fit in like a glove!

Let’s not forgot about Peg Stands! These stands are redesigned specially based on the original Kenner line peg sizes to make sure your loose figures lock on and stand straight with out the worry of an impromptu domino rally!

GonkAcrylics are not limited to just Vintage Star Wars, they will work with typically any line that has the very common 9x6 card backs including GI-Joe, Indiana Joes, Battlestar Galactica, Super 7 ReAction, Modern Vintage collection Star Wars, Retro collection and many many more!!

GonkToys plans to launch in many collectible stores starting in California this May and online at shortly after!

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized seller please contact founder and CEO Tony Medina - or check in on their social media!
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