Posted by Dustin on September 1, 2020 at 09:08 AM CST
NEWS FLASH! Due to still high demand for the sold out book; A NEW PROOF - Kenner Packaging Design 1977-1979 The author has decided to make a Kickstarter campaign to see how high the demand really is. Since it cost a fortune to print, publish and ship the book he didnít dare to just make a new print run. So letís see how this goes, hope it goes well so that the people that have missed out get a new opportunity to buy it.

From The Kick Starter Page:
In 2015 I released the first book ever only about the history of Kenner Star Wars packaging design 1977-1979. I thought that it was a very niched area but it turned out that not only Star Wars collectors bought it, but also designers and pop-culture fans in general from all over the world. The first edition sold out in two weeks, I made a second printing which sold out after a year. Due to still high demand I want to make a third edition of the book so that everyone who wants one can get one, witout paying crazy prices on ebay for an used example.

152 pages, thick softcover with silver metallic print in the title.

BONUS: If we reach the goal a few changes will be made and new items will be added to the book, some which I wasn't aware of existed when the first edition was released.

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