Posted by Jeremy on June 4, 2020 at 07:39 PM CST
Our first Star Wars collecting trivia quiz at Rebelscum - held on our Facebook page - is going gangbusters, with thousands of interactions and scores of answers submitted and memories shared. Because of the interest Rebelscum's readers have generated, we've been approached by a number of licensees and community luminaries to help support the quiz with a few prizes!

Initially the main prize for our Star Wars collecting trivia quiz was going to be bragging rights, but that changed when Official Pix offered to provide an officially licensed limited edition Star Wars Fan Days II exclusive 11 x 18 Star Wars: The Clone Wars print signed by the artist, Steve Anderson. Then we had word from Rancho Obi-Wan that they would donate an annual adult membership, and that was followed by Hallmark who have made their new Imperial AT-AT Walker metal Keepsake ornament available.

To recap the questions, we've posted two on vintage Kenner action figures, one on a collecting guidebook and the latest is about Topps trading cards:
  • June 1st: What kind of gimmicky bird helped to sell the first Star Wars action figures in 1977? Plenty of correct answers and many, many, many hilarious attempts were provided - it was David Hayes who earned a round of applause for getting the answer - which was "early" - correct.

  • June 2nd: Tomart's Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles, published in 1994, is considered to be the grand-daddy of all collecting guides - who wrote it? As many correctly answered, the authors were Stephen J Sansweet and Tom Tumbusch (RIP) but Scott Gordon was there first.

  • June 3rd: Which employee at Kenner designed the Millennium Falcon toy released in 1979? The answer was, of course, Mark Boudreaux - which Cheston Chiu got right - who made a career out of playing with Star Wars toys. Congratulations on your retirement Mark. As an FYI, spelling counts so everyone who labelled Mark as a bottle of wine didn't have a chance!
So far the three correct answers provided have been by three different readers, so there is no clear leader and the prizes are anyone's at this point.

We've got more irons in the fire so keep an eye out for future announcements - and remember that you have to be in to win it: head over to our Facebook page and get in on the action now while the competition is wide open!
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