Posted by Jobi-Wan on January 1, 2024 at 08:33 AM CST
I am no Jedi Rebel Scum. Check out our review of the Ahsoka Tano Black Series figure. This is just a repack of the previously released figure, but in the Ahsoka series packaging. We think there might be some MINOR tweaks to the paint or plastic colors, but honestly it's hard to tell for certain. This isn't a bad re-release since she did get her own series and some collectors may have missed out her when she was released in The Mandalorian packaging.

You can pick one up from Entertainment Earth here!

Watch Bobby's review here:

Spin her around in 360 view!

What do you think the Ahsoka series Rebel Scum?
What would you like to see on the back of the Black Series packaging since we've returned to windowed boxes?
Are you happy seeing two instances of the character artwork, or would you like to see something else on the back like a screen grab of the character?
Share your thoughts in the forums!

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