Posted by Jay on April 30, 2021 at 10:00 AM CST is proud to present an exclusive look at Titan Magazines The Mandalorian: Guide to Season 1 Official Collector's Edition. This magazine goes on sale May 18, 2021 at newsstands, comic book stores (with an exclusive cover) and in a hardcover edition as well.

GREEF KARGA exclusive excerpt
A former disgraced magistrate, now an agent of the Bounty Hunters Guild, Greef Karga is the person any hunter turns to when they are looking for a bounty. Shrewd, wise, and charismatic, Karga always follows the Guild protocols and doesn’t tolerate those who break the bounty hunting rules. Despite looking out first and foremost for his own interests, he is not devoid of conscience and knows how to show gratitude.

Bounty hunters travel across the galaxy looking for fugitives, criminals, outlaws, and anyone with a bounty on their head. Once the prey is captured, sometimes dead, sometimes alive, the hunters deliver it to the agent who gave them the assignment, in return for a payment. The Guild, and the agent, get a commission off the bounty—this is why Greef Karga is always happy to see the Mandalorian, one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient hunter he works with. However, many clients don’t want to pay Guild rates and make private arrangements, putting at risk the very hunters they hire. In fact, the Guild members must follow a code: they cannot kill another hunter or interfere with another’s hunt. Outside the Guild, anything can happen. When the hunters accept the job, they receive a bounty puck, a small device that contains all the information they need, including a holographic image of their target. Another device, a short range tracking fob, is locked to the quarry’s biological signal and leads the hunters to their prey. Each member of the Guild that had a tracking fob locked to the Child’s signal could find him. This threat made the Mandalorian accept Greef Karga’s offer to go back to Nevarro, kill the Client and free the city in exchange for having his name cleared with the Guild and the tracking fobs deactivated.

Greef Karga trusted the Mandalorian and considered him a man of honor. The bounty hunter always captured his prey, guaranteeing him a good profit. However, when the Mandalorian broke the rules and betrayed the Guild, Karga didn’t hesitate to gather
members of the Guild to keep him from leaving the planet with the Child. To the agent, the little being was just a delivered bounty, and Mando was just a traitor. Saved by his tribe, Mando managed to reach his ship, but Karga was already there. “I didn’t want it to come
to this,” he said to the hunter, “but then you broke the Code.” Greef shot but missed. Mando didn’t. A direct shot to the heart that, luckily for Greef, hit the beskar he pocketed, ironically, as a commission from the bounty of the Child himself. Later, Karga planned to lure Mando back to Nevarro, under the guise of getting rid of the Imperials, kill him and take the
Child. But after the Child healed him from a mortal wound, the agent changed his mind. Impressed by his power and generosity, Karga joined the Mandalorian and his team, thus helping him and the Child escape Moff Gideon, and at the same time, liberate his city. In the end, Greef Karga realized he is a man of honor as well.

Despite spending most of his time collecting tracking fobs, giving pucks to hunters, or trying to pay them with old Imperial credits—a currency that doesn’t have much value anymore—Greef Karga is also a skilled fighter, not only because of his ability to shoot with two blaster pistols at the same time but because he always reflects before shooting, selecting the best target instead of the most obvious. When the Mandalorian tried to get away with the Child aboard a speeder, he could have made it if it wasn’t for Greef: the agent shot the droid driving the speeder, breaking off the escape.

The Mandalorian: Guide to Season 1 is 96 pages dedicated to the first season of the successful hit live action series The Mandalorian, streaming on Disney+, featuring character files, plots, settings, and behind-the-scenes content.

With never-before-seen photographs, a complete episode guide, and a detailed behind-the scenes look at how the show - and its iconic new characters such as IG-11 and Moff Gideon - came to life.

Below are the comic store exclusive cover and the hardcover edition as well.

You can pre-order your copy today! Hardcover via Amazon or via Forbidden Planet. On sale May 18, 2021!
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