Posted by Jobi-Wan on July 9, 2024 at 08:13 AM CST
You'll never find a more wretched hive of Rebel Scum and villainy. The VC Mos Eisley Cantina playset HasLab campaign has drawn to a close after about a month. The modular set had an ambitious goal of 8,000 backers, although it was available in two configurations, so that may have bumped the backer number from the completionists out there. The final total number of backers came out to 14, 687, just barely unlocking the second tier requirement (14,000) during the last hour of the campaign.

This campaign got off to a slow start compared to other HasLab projects. For example, the VC Ghost reached it's 8,000 backer minimum within just a couple of days after the campaign launched, whereas the cantina reached its backer minimum with only a few days remaining before the deadline. During the final rally, the first two tiers (Greedo at 11,000 and Nabrun Leids at 14,000) were unlocked, but the third (Arleil Schous at 17,000) remained out of reach when time ran out.

GREEDO Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure
Includes: blaster, cup

A Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo is overzealous with a blaster -- and a pretty poor shot. This figure features a new sculpt for placement in your cantina scene.

NABRUN LEIDS Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure
Includes: 2 blasters, cup, interchangeable hose

Nabrun Leids, a pilot and smuggler, joins TVC for the first time! He features an all-new sculpt with, of course, his four arms. In addition to a cup, this figure comes with two special interchangeable mask hoses (with one shaped in an S-curve so he can enjoy his beverage).

ARLEIL SCHOUS Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure
Includes: blaster, cup

Another first for The Vintage Collection -- and for collectors! This Defel bar patron can be spotted in the background of Star Wars: A New Hope -- though fans will remember an additional shot of his from the original cut that was removed from the special edition.

After being funded successfully, if the schedule holds true, this piece should start shipping in Fall of 2025. Congrats to all the backers out there for taking this dream project across the goal line!

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