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Posted by Jay on June 26, 2011 at 09:27 AM CST
First up the Official Site has posted a first look at the new cover art for the paperback edition of Joe Schreiber's Old Republic era novel Red Harvest. Kudos to Del Rey for commissioning new cover art for the paperback release, a first on recent memory! This paperback edition is due February 28th, 2012, and be sure to check out the interview with Joe Schreiber on the February 2011 edition of Jedi Journals podcast.

Next is a ton of information about Star Wars: The Blueprints. The Official Site spilled the beans on J.W. Rinzler's $500 coffee table book Star Wars: The Blueprints. Here's a brief overview of the book:

"Star Wars: The Blueprints showcases more than 250 of the original and unpublished technical drawings created for all six films of the Star Wars Saga. In this massive, oversized volume, all-new photographs of the blueprints are matched with supporting images of concept design, production models, film stills and new interviews with many of the films' original production designers, draftspeople, and set decorators. This revelatory look at the Star Wars universe was created in partnership with Lucasfilm, and authored by Lucasfilm executive editor, J. W. Rinzler."

You can even pre-order one of the two editions of the book at (Warning: High Prices Ahead!)

Lastly, the eighth book in the Fate of The Jedi series, Ascension by Christie Golden, gets a preview at (plus a slight follow-up at the StarWarsBooks Facebook page) this week. This hardcover ships to stores on August 9, 2011.
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