Geek Monthly 4 May 2007 SFX 154 March 2007 Super 7 15 May 2007 Alter-Ego 68 May 2007
Posted by Jay on April 24, 2007 at 08:06 AM CST
The Official Site has a brief article on magazines celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Interested readers can check out...Geek Monthly #4 from May, 2007. It features Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias) on the cover dressed in Stormtrooper armor. SFX Magazine #154 (March 2007) which offers "the history of Star Wars!" Super 7 #15 which features an article on Star Wars in Japan. Also featured are Playboy's may issue which has an article on the original Star Wars storyboards, called "Obi-Wan Lives!". Readers can also look for Alter-Ego #68, due on newsstands May 9 and features an article by Star Wars comic scribe Roy Thomas, describing the origins of the Marvel comic series.
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