Posted by Shane on March 11, 2008 at 08:00 PM CST
John went in for routine surgery on February 28th and during recovery, he suffered a stroke that has left him blind and with a loss of his short term memory. Luckily there was no paralysis and John is still fully mobile. At this early point they're not entirely sure what the prognosis is for recovery but I'm happy to say that both he and his wife Annabel are in high spirits and are approaching this setback with great optimism.

John is both hopeful and determined to regain at least some of his vision and i think it would mean a lot to him if people were to send him well-wishes and post their support here in this thread on our forums. Annabel has said she'd be happy to read all of John's emails and pass on the messages posted to him. He can be reached at

Annabel also wanted me to let you know that while the emails will be received and relayed, it may take them some time to reply to everyone, if they can at all, so if you don't get a reply back, it's just that their priorities are focused on John's recovery.

John wanted to let everyone know that there will be one last update coming to the Matrices at a date TBD but that updates beyond that are tentatively on hold. Should people discover new additions that they'd like added, I ask that you please send them to me at and I will hold on to them for future discussions with John.

Please join me in wishing John and family all the best for a speedy recovery.

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