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A new Star Wars project is here! Standing triumphantly, Darth Vader takes on a uniquely steampunk appearance in the work entitled “Industrial Empire”. World-renowned artist Adi Granov created this exclusive illustration in collaboration with Lucasfilm just for Kotobukiya! Reimagined in this iconic style, the Dark Lord of the Sith appears in a forbidding pose, arm outstretched and incased in a battle-worn suit embellished with metal plating, rivets and various pressure gauges. Masterfully recreated in 3D form, the sculptors at Kotobukiya have captured every nuance of this illustration down to the fine details of the lightsaber hilt and environmental base.

Release Month: September 2021

Series: Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Specifications: Pre-Painted PVC Easy-to-Assemble Statue
Materials: PVC (Phthalate-free), ABS
Height (approx.): 315mm | 12.40"

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