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Welcome back Rebel Scum! Have you been keeping up with the latest developments at Rebel Scum Con? Special guests are constantly being added to the lineup, and now you can see what events and activities are on the schedule! Don't forget the amazing vendor room we've got planned, you're not going to want to miss that.

Special Guests

For you autograph chasers out there, pricing details for celebrity encounters have been added for all of the 30+ Star Wars guests scheduled to appear at Rebel Scum Con. We've got legendary heroes and notorious villains representing all eras of Star Wars media scheduled to attend, so you should have no shortage of collectibles to have signed Keep checking the Rebel Scum Con website and social media channels for new guest announcements...something big is coming soon.

Events & Activities

Dive into the heart of Rebel Scum Con with our amazing schedule of Panels, Workshops, Community Events, Competitions, and Gaming Events. Engage in live podcasts, exclusive Q&As, hands-on workshops, and thrilling competitions. Whether you're learning the secrets of prop making or facing off in the latest gaming tournament, every event promises a unique adventure.

Here are just a few highlights from the galaxy of activities we have in store:

Rebel Scum Live Podcast Recording
The Panel of Boba Fett - Join Dickey Beer, John Morton, and Eyad Elbitar as they share their unique experiences in portraying the feared bounty hunter, from across the saga.
The Mandalorians - Join Brendan Wayne, Lateef Crowder, and Barry Lowin as they share how each of them bring Din Djarin The Mandalorian to life.
The Men and Woman Inside the Droid - Join Chris Bartlett, Daniel Bohman , and Christine Galey as they share how they bring the droids of Star Wars to life.
Custom Figures - Are there characters from Star Wars that you wish had an action figure, or maybe a vehicle or prop? Learn some basic tips on how to make the pieces you want in your collection by some talented fans!
Star Wars and Explosions with Thaine Morris - Meet the man that blew up the Death Star, Thaine Morris and learn about pyrotechnics in movie making.
Astromech Builders Club - Have you always wanted to build your very own astromech like R2-D2, R5-D4, R7-A7, and more? Join the astromech builders club as they share how to join, share how to start building your very own working droid, and share unique experiences in building these life-like droids.
Lightsabers with BYO - Join BYO Lightsabers and Gary Ripper and learn all about custom lightsabers and the development of new lightsaber technology by Gary Ripper, creator of the Ripper Blades.
Cosplay Contests For Adults and Kids
How to Play Sabacc - Join Johnathan Aponte with Sabacc for Charity and learn the basics of how to play the game that has made fortunes for many in the galaxy, and the very game Han Solo played that won him the Millenium Falcon.
How to Play X-Wing with Batmando - Learn how to play X-Wing Miniatures with David Fleming, during a live stream on the Bat.Mando.X-Wing Youtube Channel.
Star Wars Tabletop Games Tournaments
Plus, don't just shuffle back to your hotel room after the convention is over for the day, we have more activities planned outside of the convention center in the evenings!

In case you missed it before, check out our walkthrough video of the hotel and convention center:

We still have some vendor spots available, but hotel rooms are almost sold out. Head over to to plan you trip now!

While you're in town for Rebel Scum Con, why not hop over to our home base over at Order 66 Toys? You won't regret it!

If you'd like to apply to appear as a vendor, please contact
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Disclaimer: Neither nor Rebel Scum Con are affiliated in any way with Galactic Productions, LLC.

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