Posted by Jeremy on May 4, 2019 at 03:14 AM CST
With eight-hundred - counting the droid figures - or so minifigures it's getting hard to display them, much less track them - but mega LEGO Star Wars fan Kevin Downard has come up with a tool that will fit in your fruit bowl or pocket.

The LSW Collector is an unofficial (as in not affiliated with LEGO, Lucasfilm, Disney or any of the existing LEGO community sites) mobile application that lets you catalogue, track and show off your collection.

Each minifigure entry contains all of the important information about the minifigure including detailed images, unique ID number that syncs with existing LEGO taxonomy, and year of release. Utilising smartphone touch screen technology allows the user to see underneath helmets and wipe to see the opposite side of the minigure.

This app is made by Kevin Downard, a committed minifigure collector, who created this app to track his collection and help other collectors do the same. His love of collecting LEGO Star Wars toys led him to research and develop this tool, as well as take well over 2,000 photos of his personal collection which he has shared through the app.

Kevin concedes it is not the most elegant interface and is open to feedback for improvement, and with a new update coming the the next few weeks he will be improving the user experience as well as adding new LEGO Star Wars minifigures.

The LSW Collector is available through iTunes for the iPhone and iPad, priced $4.99, now. Rebelscum is informed that there are no current plans to produce an Android version so the app remains untested by us.