Posted by Chris on May 22, 2022 at 12:31 PM CST
Regional Star Wars collecting clubs present their most rancorous patch set to date! Visit their booths in the main exhibition hall at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim to collect each of the outer pieces of the puzzle, featuring members of Jabba’s court. Once you have all eight, you can collect the centerpiece, showing Luke’s confrontation with the Rancor (and an unlucky Gamorrean Guard). The fully assembled patch set measures 12" in diameter! Participating clubs and their character pieces are listed below. Good luck!

California Vintage Star Wars Collectors’ Club (Booth #2777): Boba Fett
Empire State Star Wars Collectors Club (Booth #2781): Lando
Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club (Booth #2682): Max Rebo
Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club (Booth #2678): Squid Head
Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (Booth #2680): Ree Yees
SARLACC & STARS of the Greater Seattle Area (Booth #2876): Yak Face
Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance (Booth #2682): Leia Boushh
Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club (Booth #2779): 8D8
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