Posted by Jeremy on March 18, 2020 at 01:28 AM CST
Decades ago Rebelscum spearheaded the Collect To Collect programme to encourage Star Wars fans only to buy what they need. This advice is as true today as it was in 1999, and applies equally to toilet paper now as it did to Jar Jar Binks action figures twenty years ago.

Much like the National Retail Federation is urging consumers not to go overboard while they are prepping for a bout of self-imposed isolation, we at Rebelscum are promoting sensible retail behaviour.

We aren't just talking about buying toys - we are asking all our readers to consider a few important pieces of advice before heading out the door with the latest Star Wars release in their sights.

Consider whether leaving the relative safty of your house is the best option. With restrictions on the number of people being allowed to assemble in one place you could be increasing your - and other peoples - chance of infection.

Be careful what you pick up, and what you touch. This generally doesn't apply to a toy run but you might involuntarily transmit something from what you've last touched to your face, or vice-versa, just by habit. So carry some hand sanitiser and use it appropriately.

If you donít need an item in the next two weeks, leave it for someone who does. So, if you find yourself in the toy aisle and there's a parent looking for a Star Wars toy to help entertain their cooped up kids, be the kind of fan who is inspired by The Mandalorian and help the child.

Retailers are limiting hours to allow the elderly and the infirm a chance to get their shopping in ahead of younger and more hale customers. If your morning routine typically incorporates swinging by a few stores on the way to work or school, be respectful of these changes.

The people who work at retail stores - and the distribution centres that stock them - are just as likely to be stressed with the current world situation. If you can't find the product you are looking for don't take it out on them.

Staff shortages due to illness and working from home are affecting the entire supply chain at the moment, putting stress on all aspects of the retail and manufacturing industry - including online shopping so expect delays in your purchases.

The option to not do any shopping also has its risks; jobs are at stake and employers are doing their best to limit the spread of coronavirus so don't swing the other way and not do any shopping because this could have an unexpected negative impact.

After wasting energy telling your kids not to dab, it has now become imperative in the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. Tell yourself it stands for destroy all battledroids it helps you get past your anxiety of looking like a tween.

Obviously situations where people are gathered are ones to be avoided, and we've seen this affect the convention circuit already. Even if your club doesn't have huge numbers it's best to exercise caution and conduct your meetings online via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook video messaging or the Holonet.

The expectation that we, as Star Wars fans, are socially awkward can be used to great effect when trying to put some distance between yourself and your friends, family members and colleagues. Just be clear about your motives, otherwise they will assume you're deep in thought trying to decide which trilogy is the best.

If you are stuck indoors then make the best of an unprecedented opportunity to stream (no endorsements here - you know which services to go) the entire Skywalker Saga, because binge watching is about to go viral... in a good way.

And finally, only buy as much as you need. In this current global climate scalping might take a more traditional turn so remember: collect to collect.

As best said National Retail Federation president, Matthew Shay:
We know this is a challenging time for everyone. But by partnering against fear and doubt, shopping responsibly and following important instructions on how we can help stop the spread of this virus, we will successfully face this challenge. Together.
Let's make sure everything - not just Star Wars - is forever. This is the way.