Posted by Jeremy on October 10, 2018 at 04:33 PM CST
Before we jump into the review let's look at the author, Christan Blauvelt, first. Best known for Star Wars Made Easy: An Introductory Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away (2017), Christian is a New York based journalist and was the BBC Culture editor for half a decade before moving to IndieWire. He has also written has written extensively about Star Wars for Entertainment Weekly magazine, and appeared on Turner Classic Movies, BBC World News TV where he co-hosted "Talking Movies" and CBS New York.

It's fair to say that he knows his stuff. So what are these life style guides all about? For starters DK and the author have approached this with a definite yin/yan - or dark/light side if you prefer - slant, aiming their advice at those who need seek mindfulness, clearer thinking and are dealing with stressful situations or be more assertive leaders, competitive and goal-oriented.

Does drawing on examples from the Star Wars universe, combining words of wisdom and tongue-in-cheek humour really help the reader master a chaotic life at home, work and in a galaxy far, far away?

Sure Vader was a bad guy but he embodies a number of important life lessons: he had a mentor, he was about solutions not problems, he always negotiated from a position of strength, he was confident and never left anyone unclear about what his expectations were. If this sounds like something you need to be better at then Be More Vader is the page turner you need most - just remember to bring your own bacta. Right or wrong, good or bad it definitely beats going undercover to get one over on your team.

If, on the other hand, you find that it's not easy being green then Be More Yoda is for you. With multiple generations of Jedi passing through his school of life, Yoda has a lot of knowledge and experience to share: failure is always an option as long as you learn from it, focus on what you want to achieve, carpe diem because always in motion is the future, how to be a back pack and to deal with seagulls. OK, those last two might not be covered by the book... but they should be.

This pair of books are touted as the perfect gift for friends and colleagues - whether they are Star Wars fans or not - so if you know someone who needs to achieve a new balance in their life they're sure to appreciate the gift. Make someone happy today and order by clicking on one (or both) of the covers below, and if it happens that one magically opens up in your hands then don't be afraid to take a peak.

Judging by the attention the press is giving to a certain slice of Star Wars fandom I'd say that some of us could learn to be a touch more sanguine, but it's doubtful that DK had this in mind when they commissioned Christian Blauvelt to write the Be More Yoda. That said, if there's not enough sith in your life and your tired of getting sand kicked in your face then it's time to turn to Be More Vader. Both are available now from Amazon and all good book sellers.

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