Posted by Jeremy on December 11, 2018 at 12:41 AM CST
Picture this - you're on a long road trip, you've pulled into a truck stop for some amber refreshment, got talking to a no-named hitch-hiker and offered him a ride, but before you can pay the cheque you've both accidentally upset the locals who've chased you out the bar and across the desert landscape where you've come off the road and crashed, the hitch-hiker isn't to be seen and your favourite leather jacket is missing.

If this has ever happened to you then you'll definitely want to check out this stylish leather jacket - and put some bling in your soul and a strut to your stride.

Made from a durable leather that is "so soft you just want to keep stroking it", the jacket sports all the correct detailing including a rounded collar, ribbed shoulders and arms, double waist pockets and strapped sleeves. As a bonus there's a clip on the front lapel that you can attach the keys of your swoop bike to so that the next time you wander into the wrong dive you can make a quick getaway.

With this handcrafted outfit you'll enjoy high performance insulation liner for extra warmth during the cold nights as you wander across the Goazon badlands, singing I Love A Parade in search of a phone or a gas station, and the supplness of the outer leather will make you want to wear it no matter how hot and delirious you get.

Available now - at 45% off - between $125 and $140 and fulfilled by Amazon, you can order this jacket in time for Christmas using their AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping service and enjoy the surity and support that Amazon provides.
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