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Welcome back, Rebelscum fans! This week we’re closing off our coverage of the Star Wars prequel trilogy with a week dedicated to 2005’s Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith. Make sure to check out the “Expand Your Mind” article first to learn about the film’s development, history, and its impact on the saga. Our coverage continued throughout the week with our “Character Profile” spotlighting General Grievous and our “Timeline Breakdown” explored other connections to the Star Wars universe.

George Lucas is undoubtedly one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of filmmaking. Not only did Lucas help launch the cinematic blockbuster era alongside his lifelong friend Steven Spielberg, but he changed the game through his innovations in visual effects, sound, digital filmmaking, distribution, and mythological storytelling.

Despite his unmatched impact on the film industry, Lucas has only ever directed six feature films, and it's unlikely that he’ll ever make another. Check out some fun trivia on his last film, Revenge of the Sith, with our “Force Facts.”

  • Lucas shot and edited the Order 66 sequence in a similar way to the climactic killings at the end of 1972’s gangster classic The Godfather, a film many film professors and institutions have cited as the greatest ever made. The Godfather was directed by one of Lucas’s closest friends, Francis Ford Coppola.

  • Another one of Lucas’s friends was involved in the production of Episode III. His Indiana Jones co-creator Steven Spielberg stepped in to help direct part of the chase sequence in which Obi-Wan pursues General Grievous on Utapau.

  • Although Chewbacca’s return was highly anticipated among fans, his Millenium Falcon co-pilot almost made an appearance too. Early concept art developed a ten-year-old Han Solo for the film, but Lucas ultimately decided to cut the storyline. However, the ship itself does have a cameo landing on Coruscant early in the film.

  • Although many deleted scenes have been unveiled in subsequent DVD releases, much of Revenge of the Sith’s cut material has never been publicly released. Lucas’s assembly cut of the film was over four hours long; the Battle of Coruscant that takes less than 30 minutes of screentime in the film was originally over an hour long.

  • Shaak Ti originally played a much larger role in the film, and two seperate death sequences were shot. Lucas liked the character enough that he allowed for her return in The Force Unleashed.

  • Another mysterious scene that’s never seen the light of day is an expanded role for Jar Jar Binks. Ahmed Best revealed that he shot a scene where the Gungan politician reflects on his role in the creation of the Empire.

  • Despite its critical acclaim, Revenge of the Sith was among the least successful Star Wars films at the Academy Awards. It received only one nomination for Best Hair and Makeup, an award it would lose to the first Chronicles of Narnia film. It is the only Star Wars film not nominated for Best Visual Effects.

  • Like Attack of the Clones, a 3D re-release of Revenge of the Sith was planned for fall 2013, but ultimately cancelled. The completed 3D version of the film was unveiled at Celebration Anaheim in 2015.

  • Lucas originally shot the final scene in which an infant Luke Skywalker was given to the Lars couple in 2000 during the filming of Episode II in Tunisia. However, he chose to reshoot the sequence on bluescreen during the Episode III filming in 2003.

  • Commander Cody’s name is a reference to one of Lucas’s earliest inspirations. The classic 1950s serial Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe was one of his earliest science fiction favorites growing up.

    What do you think, Rebelscum fans? What are some of your favorite behind-the-scenes facts about Revenge of the Sith? Do you have a favorite deleted scene? Let us know in the forums, and as always, may the Force be with you!
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