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A new look and all new characters get added to Hasbro's The Black Series line up in the latest update - and Entertainment Earth has them all available for pre-order now.

Zeb Orrelios - $29.99

Sabine Wren - $20.99

Ezra Bridger - $20.99

Hera Syndulla - $20.99

Ahsoka Tano - $20.99

Kanan Jarrus - $20.99

C1-10P Chopper - $20.99

The Black Series action figures are ready for the entire Star Wars saga and it's your chance to get your favorite characters as exquisitely detailed 6-inch tall action figures, with awesome accessories, holsters, and thrilling features! Ages 4 and up.

New look packaging Black Series 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case - $167.99

Each case contains 8 individually packaged action figures: 1 x Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder), 2 x Imperial Stormtrooper (Rogue One), 1 x Clone Trooper (Kamino), 1 x Admiral Ackbar, 1 x The Mandalorian (Beskar), 1 x Teebo and 1 x Darth Vader (subject to change). 

Imperial Stormtrooper (Rogue One) - $20.99

Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder) - $20.99

Darth Vader - $20.99

Teebo the Ewok - $20.99

The Mandalorian (Beskar) - $20.99

Admiral Ackbar - $20.99

Clone Trooper (Kamino) - $20.99

You'll be pretty breathless in anticpation of these new photo-real deco 6" action figures - but when you get it back don't hold your breath because they aren't out until August. If you are willing to wait it out we'll be sure to remind you closer to the date.

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