Posted by Jobi-Wan on October 8, 2022 at 10:20 AM CST
Welcome back Rebelscum! Check out a roundtable interview we are thankful to have been a part of with Jing and Chris from @Hasbro Pulse , as well as our new friends from Jedi News, Screen Rant, and The Hasbro team couldn't share anything that hasn't previously been announced, but we enjoyed hearing a lot of Hasbro behind the scenes details.

During the interview Chris and Jing talked about:
-Figure production schedules and working with streaming shows vs movies
-Addressing TVC vs Black Series disparity
-Hasbro's relationship with Lucasfilm
-A few tidbits about announced products
-Specialty repack waves
-The decision process of removable helmet vs swappable head
-Hasbro attending upcoming London Comic Con

So sit back and enjoy a longer video than we normally post, and hopefully you'll get a little peak behind the curtain at Hasbro. What kind of questions would you like us to ask in future interviews with the Hasbro team? Let us know in the forums!

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