Posted by Jobi-Wan on February 3, 2023 at 09:15 AM CST
Are you ready Rebelscum? We hope that this is the announcement that you've been waiting for. Ever since the new management of Rebelscum came on board, one of the things we knew that we had to work on was the photo archive. We wanted to not only update the photo archive, but we wanted to design something that every collector could use for their growing Star Wars collection. This is where Collectors Oracle comes in.

Is it an updated photo archive?
Is it a checklist?
Is it a way to keep track of pre-order info?

Yes, and a lot more!

For the full breakdown of this new mobile-friendly web app, check out Joshua and Bobby's video:

What can Collectors Oracle do?

Basic Tier - Free

  • Photo Archive - an always free searchable and updated photo archive of all Black Series, TVC, Retro Collection figures, as well as some role play items.
  • Account Access - create an account, add a profile picture, and choose an experience tier (basic is the default tier).

Standard Tier - $2.99/month

  • No ads.
  • Haves / Wants - keep a running list of what you already have in your collection and what's on your wishlist.
  • Pre-order links - links to pre-order new items from a Rebelscum affiliate.

Pro Tier - $5.99/month

  • Pre-order Tracking - easily consolidate your pre-order information (no personal information is stored) all in one place.
  • Selling - When you've made the decision to offer an item for sale or trade, you can note that in your collection, easily keeping a list of what you have to offer another collector. No actual selling takes place in the app.
  • Social Sharing - Once you've built your collection in Collectors Oracle, you can share it with others via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Collection Evaluation (coming soon) - the Rebelscum experts provide an estimated total value of everything in your Haves or Wants list.
  • Item Values (coming soon) - find out how much an item listed in Collectors Oracle is worth.

Check out our Beginner's Guide video highlighting the user experience!


  • How is a web app different than something available through the Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.?
    A web app is essentially just a website that you can log in to and access on pretty much any device with a web browser. The benefit of using this solution instead of one of the established app stores is that we don't hog up a lot of space that would be required to run Collectors Oracle on your mobile device. Another benefit is that it keeps everyone's costs down. Getting listed in one of the app stores means they get a large portion of subscription sales, which would require us to charge more per month. The good news is that with Apple or Android devices, you can easily add it to your homescreen where you can use it just like any other app as long as you're connected to the internet (we'll show you in a future video).

  • What does this mean for the Rebelscum photo archive?
    To be honest, at the moment, not much. Getting the photo archive updated on Rebelscum vs on Collectors Oracle are two very different beasts utilizing different content management architecture. By no means have we given up on the Rebelscum photo archive, this is a necessary step in getting it back in order. In fact, we have even bigger plans for a future Rebelscum site-wide update (including the photo archive). However, the truth is behind the scenes we're a pretty small band of misfits and it's a big task that we're still working on. Stay tuned.

  • What about other 3.75" lines like POTF2, Saga Collection, etc. on Collectors Oracle?
    We are still in launch mode and Collectors Oracle is just getting started! We have more features and additional 3.75" Star Wars figure lines that we'll be adding. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Is there a discount for an annual membership?
    Yes...coming soon! See above answer.

  • What about Micro Machines or other non-figure lines? Could something like this be made for my Marvel Legends, Transormers, or MOTU collection?
    Wouldn't that be a neat idea...That might even require an entirely different version of Collectors Oracle! *wink*

Head over to, sign up, and upgrade your collector's tool kit.

This has been a big undertaking and has had a lot of speed bumps along the way, but we hope this is something A LOT of collectors can use. At the end of the day we are collectors just like you, and we designed something that we couldn't find a better alternative for. Collectors Oracle is the ultimate tool in your collector's tool kit, and we hope that you can get a lot of use out of it.

We are still working on new features and improvements behind the scenes! There are more details covered in our introductory, so be sure to watch that and then let us know in the forums if there's something you'd like to see added or if you have any questions!

Check out merch!

Upgrade your collector's toolkit with our app that's designed with collectors in mind!

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