Posted by Jay on March 19, 2007 at 08:56 PM CST

Within the next week or so, if you haven't found them already, you should be able to find two new books from DK in your bookstores. They are both reissues of previous titles, but with some extra added pages. Look at them as a bonus to people who have waited to buy them, or as just something else to collect!

The first book is the Complete Cross-Sections book. You can find all the cross-sections by Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore from the four previous editions. But readers of the new edition can also find four new images plus some other new bits. You can get the full scoop in the Jedi Journals entry here.

The other new book is the Special Edition of the Ultimate Visual Guide. According to DK, this version features an updated comic book section, more features on Star Wars merchandise, and a small bit on the Star Wars Celebration. More to come on this shortly.

So check out your local brick and mortar bookseller or online for these two "new" books.
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