Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi 10 – Reckoning Star Wars: Coruscant Nights 2: Street of Shadows
Posted by Jay on February 26, 2008 at 09:45 PM CST is previewing the second book in the Coruscant Nights trilogy, by Michael Reaves, called Street of Shadows. Follow, ex-Jedi turned private investigator Jax Pavan as he attempts to solve an exciting murder mystery. This book is due in September and you can find more information at

Also recently previewed at is the final book in the Last of the Jedi series, from Scholastic. Jude Watson's last book (which brings here Star Wars total to approximately 50 titles!) is called Reckoning and features the final showdown between Ferus Olin and Darth Vader. This young reader novel is due in June and can be previewed at the Official Site.
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