Posted by Jeremy on June 26, 2018 at 04:06 PM CST
The first confirmed "sighting" of this new set comes via a reliable on-line LEGO retailer - - in The Netherlands.

Previous reveals have shown that the set is a large scale, brick-built version of the Ahch-To dwelling sea bird and is along the lines of the 10225 R2-D2 and 75187 BB-8 sets.

This latest info tells us that the set will have 811 pieces and a 79.99 (approximately US$95) price tag. This keeps it in range of the standard price per brick that the previous two brick-built display sets exhibited and leads us to conclude that the completed build will be around 10 to 12 cm tall.

This set is believed to be coming out this October and will be available at general retail, as well as the LEGO shop@home on-line portal.

With thanks to for sharing the news.
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How would you feel about Gentle Giant Ltd. producing a Dark Trooper Mini Bust from the 1995 Star Wars: Dark Forces video game? It could be a single Dark Trooper or perhaps a 3-pack showcasing the various Phases of production.
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I could be convinced to purchase this if it wasn't too difficult to obtain.
Never played the game and don't know anything about the character, so not a likely purchase for me.
No interest.
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