Posted by Jobi-Wan on February 27, 2024 at 08:25 AM CST
Fortune and glory Rebel Scum! Regal Robot has just announced replicas of the Sankara stones from Temple of Doom available in two ways: as a set of three stones and then a single, alternate stone based on a specific scene in the film.

When Indiana Jones stumbles upon a small village that has lost a stone that they believed brought prosperity, it leads him to the hunt for fortune and glory…

We’re excited to announce limited edition 1:1 scale replicas of the iconic brown striped stones seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom™! Our latest official Indiana Jones Archive Collection replicas will be available for only seven days. Fans can order theirs beginning on March 5th at 12 Noon EST!

Our replica artifacts were developed with high-resolution scans of original props used in the film’s production. As each film prop was uniquely embellished by hand, we captured the distinct sculpted stone shapes and then painstakingly recreated details to match some of the props used in the film. Cast in heavy, solid polyurethane resin, each of these replicas weigh well over a pound each for a wonderful sense of heft. The brown-tinted castings have several types of particles embedded and a subtle natural translucency that allows those to show through the surface.

We have two offerings for this release including a deluxe, three-stone set and a single, alternate stone with unique details:

Sankara Stones Deluxe Prop Replica 3-Stone Set – $699 – A beautiful set of three replica artifacts that were developed with high-resolution scans of three original props used in the film’s production. With painstakingly recreated details to reflect the three main stones as seen in the movie, this set includes a replica of the stone Indy has on the bridge in the film’s climactic action sequence.

Sankara Stone Prop Replica (Single, Alternate Stone) – $299 – Exclusively available on our website, this single stone has features that make it unique from the ones included in our Deluxe Set. It can be displayed alongside that set or as a standalone artifact. For this alternate stone, we recreated the details to reflect the specific stone handed to the shaman at the end of the movie. While the overall shape is the same as the stone Indy holds on the bridge, the stripes are actually carved into the opposite side! It also features more prominent painted stripes, unique divots and a heavier mix of particulates in the casting.

Payment plans with a selectable term of up to six months will be available for each. Both limited, numbered editions come with stained hardwood bases and hand-numbered metal plaques. As with our other Indiana Jones offerings, these prop replicas are 100% made-in-the-U.S.A. Extensive testing was done to achieve the right balance of resin color, translucency and even the size and style of the particulates within so that we could bring collectors something that feels truly authentic! After casting and polishing, each replica is hand-painted by the artists in our our New York studio.

Orders start 3/5/24 and again, these will be timed editions like our Holy Grail replica. Fans will have ONE WEEK to order and we will honor all orders in that time. Don’t be late, though! Reserve yours before 3/12 to secure your props!

Learn more here:
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