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When it comes to selecting the most easily recognized characters in Star Wars, the Stormtrooper definitely makes that list. From their first appearance in the opening battle of Star Wars: A New Hope, with their skull-like helmets and head-to-toe armor, they have captured the imagination and excitement of fans around the world. So, it is fitting that this second coin in New Zealand Mintís officially licensed Star Wars Premium Helmets Coin Collection features the new Stormtrooper helmet.

A 2oz pure silver coin, it is unique in that it follows the outline shape of the helmet rather than being a traditional round. As a replica of the ominous headgear of these elite troops it features the exaggerated nostrils with breathing filters that extend and wrap around the back of the helmet, along with the blister like eyes that enhance the sinister look. The eyes donít appear to function as well as they look, with Luke Skywalker heard to exclaim in the film "I can't see anything in this helmet!"

The additional use of Ultra-High Relief Minting techniques helps to create more depth to the overall coin design. The obverse bears the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to confirm it as legal tender and therefore a limited-edition collectible.

The coin is kept secure in a coin capsule which is nestled in black velvet inside an impressive Star Wars themed coin case designed specifically to showcase the 3D aesthetic of the coin. The Certificate of Authenticity, confirming the metal purity and limited mintage, can be found inside the coin case which is placed inside a Star Wars themed outer box. It surely is the ultimate collectible!

Only 5,000 of these precious coins will be produced Ė and each one has a unique serial number - so donít miss this one!

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