Posted by Dustin on May 8, 2006 at 12:01 AM CST

Hey everyone! As most of the community knows by now, I'm running for Star Wars Fan Club President. With as much as you've seen my mug and news posted all over the internet, I still need your help! That's right Star wars fans, according to the leaderboard, I'm still in 2nd place! Hopefully with you help we can make one gallant effort to secure victory!

All I ask from you is that when you subscribe or renew your Hyperspace account, please drop my email "Dustin@rebelscum.com" in the appropriate box so I'll get the referral! There is no actual voting that occurs, its all referral based. I just need everyone to step up, lend me your support, give me your referral, and help me bring home the title of Star Wars Fan Club President!

You can order Hyperspace by clicking here. Hyperspace membership costs $39.99 and includes the following:

Online Exclusives!
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Features

    Star Wars Insider Magazine!
  • Six issues annually

    Shop Discounts & Perks!
  • Discounts on select merchandise
  • Early purchase rights on selected items
  • Exclusive products available only to members of Hyperspace!

    Exclusive Community!
  • Clubs
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Special events

    Membership Kit
  • Welcome letter from Star Wars-creator George Lucas
  • Membership card
  • Poster
  • Action figure backdrop
  • Calendar
  • Other exclusive surprises!

    Ad Free!
  • As an exclusive member of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club you'll be presented starwars.com free of advertising banners during your online browsing!

    So with all of these great features, and at a cost of only $3.33 per month, Why not jump on board, sign up and become a legit member of the official Star Wars Fan Club today!

    Click here to see referral box!

    When signing up, you will want to be sure you enter my email address "Dustin@rebelscum.com" in the appropriate box that you'll see on the second screen. ( click here or the thumbnail above for a better idea of where the "referral" or "vote" box is located )

    I truly apprecaite everyone's support! So far I've managed to get over 100 referrals! Thank you everyone!

    The following online websites are backing me in my campaign for Star Wars Fan Club President, be sure to check 'em out!

    We Endorse Roberts & R2 In '06!
  • Astromech.net
  • Toshistation.com
  • Reviewstarwars.com
  • The Emulator Strikes Back
  • The 501st Special Ops
  • The Rebel Legion
  • OSWCC.com
  • SWStartours.net
  • The Star Wars Fan's Union
  • Lightsabre
  • Deathstarplans2.com
  • Roguedesigner.net
  • Yakface.com
  • Star Wars Limited Edition
  • The Chewseum
  • The 3+3/4" Archives
  • CommTechGuide.com
  • JoeCorroney.com
  • The Custom Alliance
  • KSWCC.com
  • Wattographs.com
  • Zee Zee's Star Wars Books
  • Trash Compactor Chronicles
  • Obix1.com
  • Mintinbox.net
  • Echo 3 to Echo 7
  • Aquacell Productions
  • Kerryearnhardtfans.com
  • Star Wars y Mas!
  • Matt Busch
  • Master Replicas
  • Dallas Comic Con
  • Sith Vixen
  • Vaderpainter.com
  • Elvistrooper.com
  • Don Bies
  • G.A.R.
  • Chinese-starwars.com
  • Mousedroid.com
  • Steve Anderson
  • Bigfanboy.com
  • Nerf-herders Annonymous
  • Eldon Thompson
  • Jedimaster.com
  • Concept UK
  • Starwars.se
  • Garrison Carrida