Posted by Jeremy on October 31, 2019 at 11:32 PM CST
When renowned vintage Star Wars collector John Kellerman released his Star Wars Vintage Action Figures book - a hardcover, 256 page, full-colour guide that contained fantastically detailed matrices of all the front/back and proof Kenner (USA) action figure cards - in 2003 no-one realised that his categorisation system would become the definitive standard.

At the time it was openly declared a work-in-progress and Rebelscum assisted in co-ordinating a crowd-sourced venture to capture any uncatalogued card variations. This led to an update in 2007, and since then the project slowly fell by the wayside.

That has all changed now, with a group of collectors - led by Stephane Faucourt and relying on extensive research and material gathered by collectors Chris Eddleman, Todd Giganti, Jeff Echtenkamp, and Jason Smith, with the contribution of James Kenneison, Jonathan Robinson, Mark Yeo Yian Hui, David Deans, Chris Fawcett, and John Kellerman himself- teaming up to revitalise this essential reference tool.

The new matrix, which has now been updated with more than 130 new (and verified) variations and the layout and usability improved, is freely available through the Star Wars Vintage Cards Front & Backs Combination Reference Group on Facebook.

For those not on Facebook, the documents are freely available (through Google Sheets) through the following URLs:
Further details about the project can be found in the project's FAQ guide. For those even more old school, there is also the Vintage Toys section in the Rebelscum forums, where a wealth of information (and opinions) can be found.
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